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Why Use Digital Marketing to Find and Hire the Best Mechanic?

Recruiting new hires can be expensive and time-consuming. Some experts claim that hiring a new employee can cost three times (or more) that employee's salary! If you spend that much time and money on recruiting, you want the new hire to be perfect, right? 

It may be time to consider digital marketing. That's right; digital marketing can help you find awesome new applicants.

Read on to learn why we love using digital marketing to find new mechanics. 

A Wider Talent Pool 

When you use auto repair shop marketing to find and hire new mechanics, you're broadening your potential talent pool. You'll have more potential applicants from various walks of life that you may never have found otherwise.

Sure, local auto repair marketing is effective for finding clients and customers, but local mechanics are in short supply. They may already have their own shops, or they may not know that there are other options.

With online auto mechanic marketing, you'll be able to reach people in your area and surrounding areas. You may even reach those rare people planning to move to your area for work. Because of your auto repair marketing strategy, they'll hear about the available position at your shop before they can apply elsewhere. 

Higher-Quality Applicants

When you use a professional digital marketing company to find new hires for your auto repair shop, you may find yourself with higher-quality applicants.

AA Shop Marketing will use LinkedIn to find and target qualified applicants with experience in the field. Local marketing and exclusively using basic job search sites may not yield the same results. 

This means that you'll have fewer bad applicants to sift through and end up with the best possible person for the job. 

A Smoother Application and Hiring Process 

The hiring process is rarely easy. It's frustrating to find applicants in the first place, and once you do, sifting through countless low-quality applications can take forever.

When you target higher-quality applicants, the process is smoother. There may be fewer applicants overall, but they'll all be more serious about the role and likely more professional. 

Simultaneously Finding Customers 

When you use digital marketing to find new mechanics, you may also expand your reach to new potential customers. Yes, the marketing will target people in the automotive field, but potential customers may still see the ads.

They'll see that you're putting forth the effort to find high-quality staff, and they may find themselves interested in your services. 

Use Digital Marketing to Find and Hire Mechanics

You're missing out if you're not using digital marketing to find and hire mechanics for your auto repair shop! You'll find higher-quality applicants, and you may even find a few new customers along the way. What do you have to lose?

Not sure how to get started? AA Shop Marketing can help. We'll help you get connected with the ideal applicants for your business. 

Contact us so we can start working together today.

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