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How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews: Top Tips for Auto Repair Shops

Did you know one of the best ways to build brand trust is to get customer reviews?

Reviews are more important than ever now that customers can rate your service on customer review platforms. A lot of negative reviews on social media can leave you with a one-star rating. The only way to reverse these ratings is to beat them out with positive reviews.

The question is how to get customers to leave reviews in the first place. Auto shops rely on word of mouth, after all!

Read on as we show you how to ask for reviews and get you back to a five-star rating.

How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews: Choose Review Sites

For starters, you need to determine where you want to leave reviews. There are customer review platforms like Yelp, or reviews on social media platforms like Facebook. It's important to identify which review sites are giving you the most traffic.

It's important to make an account on customer review platforms so you can manage reviews. In many cases, you can respond to negative reviews. And in regard to Google, you can even delete fraudulent or questionable reviews.

Find review sites that make it easy for customers to review you. If they have to sign up for an account, that creates unnecessary barriers. Google and Facebook are both examples of review sites that most people have access to.

Create Incentives for Customers

The best way to get reviews is to make customers feel the need to. The unfortunate reality is that most people who leave reviews are those who had bad experiences. The people who were satisfied went on their way without saying anything.

Incentives to write reviews don't have to be big. They could come in the form of coupons for future visits or free services. Incentives like these urge people to write positive reviews even in exchange for a small benefit.

These incentives don't just give you good reviews, they drive customers to return. 

Make Reviews Easy and Convenient

Once you've convinced a customer to leave a review, you want the process to be painless. If there is too much hassle, they're not going to take the time of day.

The easiest way is to print out a QR code and place it near the service desk. Have any incentive associated with reviews posted on the same sign. This means customers can leave a review in seconds from the comfort of their phone, with no extra steps.

Improve Your Auto Shop

Make full use of review sites as you build your auto repair marketing campaign. Knowing how to get customers to leave reviews includes incentivizing them to do so and making it convenient. This simple change in your auto repair shop marketing will bring more customers and strengthen your local reputation.

AA Shop Marketing is here to help you improve SEO for any auto mechanic marketing. Contact us today and make your business stand out from the crowd. 

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