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Auto Repair Shop Marketing: Why You Should Have a Mechanic Website

When you first opened your auto repair shop, did you imagine you'd be part of a $66 billion industry? How much of that profit does your current operation enjoy?

Of course, at least part of your profitability depends on your marketing.

Most auto repair shops offer savings to loyal customers by mailing coupons. That's great for established clients, but how do you draw new business?

Your website!

If you don't already have a mechanic website, you should - and here's why.

More People Research Online First

Equally important as being able to service the latest model cars is to be able to attract new business.

How many prospective customers visit an auto repair shop website before they call or come in for service? To answer that question, look at this statistic: 31% of adults in the U.S. claim that they're constantly online.

Sure, hanging your sign outside will bring foot (or car) traffic to your business, but why not capitalize on the fact that your target market is likely spending a significant amount of time online researching things they want and need.

Why not capture as much of their business as possible? Without a website, it's impossible!

The Power of Looking Professional

Many small business owners use social media as a marketing tool. While there's nothing wrong with having a social media presence, it doesn't take much effort to get started. It's free, and you get started in a flash in most cases.

Because there's such a low barrier to entry, it's difficult to build credibility through a social media page for your business. Until they know you, savvy customers may hesitate to go further in the vetting process.

On the other hand, creating a mechanic website is not free. A website shows prospective customers that you're serious about your business. A dedicated website helps you look more professional and credible.

Tip: If someone does run across you on social media, they will expect to go one step further. Without a repair shop website, you're giving them a roadmap to one of your competitors.

How Are You Handling Lead Generation Today?

You have at least a few options when you think about bringing new business into your shop. You can send a coupon for a free oil change, price point discounts, or a referral bonus.

While each of these marketing strategies can positively impact your business, a website can significantly increase your chances of getting leads.

Here's how it works: 

First, people discover your business online. Next, your well-designed service page provides a wealth of information. Thanks to your contact page, customers can find your location quickly, and also contact you directly.

A website is one of the best auto repair shop marketing strategies you can use to increase leads and sales.

Ready to Set Up Your Mechanic Website?

Your auto repair shop's website is the most powerful online marketing tool you have. It doesn't matter if you sell services, products, or information. What matters is whether customers like you and trust you. 

Here at A.A. Shop Marketing, we specialize in car shop website development and all things related to auto repair shop marketing. Contact our team today and let us help you set up your mechanic website. 


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