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Why Employees are Hard to Find

Auto Repair Shops are very busy right now. Economists call the current job market, an “Employee Market”. This suggests that the employee has more bargaining power. It also means that it is harder to find and keep mechanics and support staff. There are several other factors that have created or at least played into this employee market. But the short explanation is this, there are more jobs available than employees willing to fill those positions.

To overcome this, you need to carefully market to select potential employees. You need to find those individuals and you need to demonstrate why you are the shop for which they WANT to work. Most applicants are also checking you out online to see if they even want to work for you.
We work with our clients to help them position their shops as the best of the best in their area. This makes your workplace more attractive to potential employees. 
  • We position your shop to attract the best local mechanics.
  • We then create ad copy to capture the attention of these prospective employees.
  • We then publish this content strategically to attract your target employee.
If this part of the program interests you, let’s connect. Do you want to pick a time for me to call you? Or you can call or send a text message at 737-228-1776.

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