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5 Ways to Positively Boost Your Auto Shop's Social Media Presence

Get seen, and you get sales. You are familiar with print and online marketing. But in our digital world, you should become familiar with social media marketing. 

Developing a social media presence is an affordable and effective way of increasing your sales. But every auto shop out there has a Twitter and Facebook page. You need to stand out from the rest. 

Here are five easy ways you can boost your social media presence. 

1. Pick the Right Platforms

You can choose from many social media platforms. Pick the ones that fit your brand. 

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world. You can use Facebook to share photos, videos, and blog posts. Business pages have access to advanced advertising and analytics tools, and you can customize your page in many ways. 

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world. Automobiles are very popular on YouTube. Make videos displaying cars and repair tips. 

LinkedIn is the best platform for professional networking. It is geared toward businesses and professionals. Post job postings, contact information, and information about your company culture. 

You should create Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. Consider creating a Twitter account if you are comfortable writing short blurbs. 

2. Strategize

Once you have created your accounts, sit down, and make a strategy. Consider your business and brand. 

Hire a social media manager. Break down their responsibilities. Let them do their job, but give yourself the final say over anything they post. 

Adopt a voice that is consistent across all platforms. Portray yourself as an expert, and show your knowledge of cars and repair tips. Develop trust with your audience, but be casual. 

Every post should have a purpose. Talk about a service you offer or showcase an important employee. Do not post just to post. 

Do not bombard your audience with promotional material. Meet the needs of your varied audience, and share varied content. 

3. Engage Your Audience

Expect to be on social media at least fifteen minutes every day. You need to monitor your channels and respond to questions and conversations. 

Do not post more than once per day on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Limit your posts on each platform to five per week. 

Ask your audience questions, and reply to their answers. Share some content they produce. Share content from non-competing businesses, and congratulate them on their successes. 

4. Watch Your Metrics

Check your metrics on a regular basis. Every social media page has its own analytics function. Use them. 

Examine your follower counts, engagement, and click-through rates. Compare how blog posts perform to how photos and videos perform. 

Adjust your content according to what your audience wants. If you are unfamiliar with a form of content, research it. 

5. Have Fun

Social media is a great way to develop your brand, and you are your brand. Show something about yourself. 

If you are a funny person, produce and share funny content. Talk about your history with auto repair. Talk about your family, when appropriate.

Make videos, photos, blog posts, GIFs, and other content. Get creative. Share exciting updates and news. 

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media drives sales. Pick the right platforms, make a strategy, engage and monitor your audience, and have fun. You will stand out. 

Hire the right people to help you grow your social media presence. Contact us here for a free consultation, or call us at 610-327-3663.

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