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5 Ways A Strong Social Media Strategy Can Benefit Your Auto Shop

Do you feel like your efforts just aren't enough? If you're doing everything you can think of to market your auto business and still coming up dry, it may be time to consider your online presence.

Websites, blogs, and social media pages can all help your auto shop increase sales and retain customers. Yet it can feel like a huge challenge to get started. When you look at the benefits, though, you'll see how important a social presence is for your business.

Here are 5 ways your social media strategy can benefit your auto shop.

1. Increase Loyalty

Customers who come in for an oil change and decide to follow you on social media will continue to stay updated about your auto business after they leave. You'll be in their news feeds and they'll remember you the next time they need auto service.

Part of developing a social media strategy is making sure there's something in it for the customer if they follow you. Offer a few dollars off their service if they follow your social accounts, and you'll be surprised at how fast your number of followers rises.

If you want a customer to keep coming back, you need to reward their loyalty. Besides staying in their social feeds, offer extra incentives and loyalty programs.

2. Giveaways

Putting together a social media strategy isn't just about getting free marketing. You'll need to put a little in to get a good return. Try running a giveaway on your social platforms.

Instagram is a great place to do this, once you have enough followers. Offer a free oil change or something comparable.

To qualify, customers should like your post, share it to their story, and tag at least one friend in the comments.

3. Enhance Your Print Marketing

Your social media marketing plan should include your print marketing efforts, too. The social posts should back up what you're doing in print, but in a different way. The two work together to create the perfect message to share your auto business.

4. Provide Value

Your social pages are great places to share your blog posts. If you're creating useful content for your customers on your blog, they'll be interested to see it. Many won't find it unless you share the links on your social media platforms.

Content marketing with your blog is an opportunity to hook your ideal customers. If you can craft your writing to appeal directly to your target customer, your posts will have a higher conversion rate. The better you know your customers, the more value you can provide for them.

5. Boost Your Reputation

Ask your customers to give you a great rating on your social pages. Let them know what the benefits are for them, and thank them for their time. 

If your previous customers write about your great work and awesome customer service, others will want to experience it for themselves. The more high reviews you have, the more likely new customers will come check out your business.

Promoting Your Business With a Social Media Strategy 

Your social media strategy for your auto business can accomplish so much. From boosting your reputation to increasing loyalty and providing more value, your customers will love your new social posts.

Contact us today for help harnessing social media to market your auto repair business.

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