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We hear this all the time and of course we want to help you understand how we generate these amazing results! We have a passion for helping all Auto Repair businesses become successful! And in that spirit, Below is an abridged Step by step Formula on how we improve Auto Repair and Auto Body shops’ digital footprint.

Our digital marketing services address 2 fundamental components of the success of your shop. First is the Recruitment of new advanced technicians, mechanics, and even support staff. Second is Customer Building to support your finally fully staffed shop.


Auto repair shop websites play a critical role in an effective digital marketing program. Effective auto repair marketing translates into more customers with more loyalty and today it also includes access to more qualified mechanics. An auto repair shop website must look current & professional.

We start your program by taking responsibility for your brand profile, including your website, logo, and other visual building blocks. Think of these like the chassis of a car, they have to be solid and straight.

Taking responsibility for your website may require a rebuild or simply leveraging the existing site to take it to the next level using our experts and coders. Our experts in Auto Repair marketing are going to use their skills in on-page SEO and design to create a stable and light frame. If you are trying to accomplish a new auto repair shop website on your own, check out 1. & 2. on this list of 5 auto repair shop marketing ideas.

2. Recruitment Marketing

With this step, we are marketing you to the best mechanics in your area. This is not a high-priced head hunting and placement service. We implement and manage a process to help you find the right people for the right jobs to grow and support the reputation of your shop and efficiently service your customers. This process has been designed to minimize your headaches with the hiring process and save you time. Finding qualified mechanics isn’t easy. You know it; it’s why you are even taking the time to read this paragraph. We discuss it further in our Hard to Find Mechanics Blog.

Using smart digital marketing tactics, we get the word out to the best local mechanics, who are often already employed mechanics, without the cheesy WE’RE HIRING billboards and banners. We approach these prospective mechanics similarly to the digital marketing practice for customers, with a series of messages over a short period of time on social media. We breakdown the parts to digital marketing recruiting here.

3. Auto Repair Content Creation

Content creation is the motor that is going to drive growth in your Auto Repair shop. Even if you have the perfect content for Auto Repair Shop search engine rankings, if left alone it will drop in the rankings. Every day your competitors are publishing content, pushing your current listings down. Content creation also includes Social media content creation. A facebook profile with a couple of posts a month will not increase your Auto Body Shop Business.

Also, Google has a ranking factor called Authority (it has these for domains and individual website pages). Google wants to know that you are an authority on Auto Repair and your content is going to help people with common questions they will input into the search engine in reference to common maintenance or general car care.

It is an investment of immense time and it requires a certain skill set. Our experts are trained on Auto Repair and how author content for this industry. Schedule an appointment today and get back to focusing on what you do best.


In automotive terms, this would be the transmission. Without it your car runs, but it doesn’t go anywhere. Off-site SEO includes a number of different tools. Listed below are 4 key off-site SEO tools.. For more information, read our blog about why Repair Shops Needs Off-Site SEO.

Your Google Map Listing plays a critical role in the number 1 search phrase of "auto repair near me". This program focuses on making sure you have a strong Google Map Listing.

Local NAP citations - Directories that link back to your site (Yahoo, SureCritic, RepairPal, etc.)

BackLinks - A website article that links back to your website

Tier 1 backlinks - A link to your site from a website with a very high Domain Authority

Social Signals - Web pages that link back to a blog or your social media profiles

5. Social Media Marketing

We create, build, and maintain social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter YouTube, and Google My Business As content is created and published (Step 2), it is shared across the Internet and linked back to your Auto Repair business.

Most of the Shop Owners I talk with do NOT fully understand how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ can help grow their business.

If you appropriately leverage social media you can take your word-of-mouth business to a whole new level, as the average Facebook user has 135 friends and fans. If we can get your satisfied customers to like you on Facebook, now you have exposed your name and brand to 135 of their friends, typically within the same geographic area where they live. It is almost like they called those other friends in your area and said “Hey, I know this really good Auto Repair Shop in our community, the next time you are in need of service they are the guys to call.”

In keeping with our Auto theme. Social Media Marketing could be considered as all of the customizations to get done to your vehicle to increase its performance. It’s the twin turbos, dual carbs, or the computer tuner. It is the difference between 125hp and 245hp. Remember all of your competitors have a car too, and this is a race to gain new customers.

6. Review Request System

Last but not least are the tires of your car. The key to getting the most from your online marketing & social media efforts is to have an automated marketing follow-up system in place to gain reviews. Reviews drive customers to Auto Repair Shops across the country. And if your last review was from 6 months ago, people are going to wonder whether you are still in business. The problem is people generally don’t think to write a review after they get new brakes. But if the experience was good, why not ask the customer for the review? Setting up a process, coaching your service advisor to ask the customer for the review, and creating a culture at your shop to ask for feedback. Getting a consistent stream of Google reviews to increase your Google review rating is vital to online marketing.

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We can help get you with placement on Google for a majority of the Auto Repair, Auto Body, or Truck Repair related keywords in your area, but we only work with ONE company in each city, so call us at 737-228-1776 before your competitor does or click here to request a free consultation.