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In today's environment it has become increasingly important for Auto Repair, Auto Body, and Truck repair shops to be visible on the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) as potential customers are searching for their services. Social Media is always crucial in building a relationship with customers, prospective customers, and engaging your community.

Here are some SEO & Social Media tips for Auto Repair, Towing & Auto Body Shops.

Become the Auto Repair authority in your area.

Generate educational content by answering questions.

These questions and others are commonly asked on the internet. Your digital media should be providing the answers. This is a great way to become a trusted source of information concerning auto repair. This is one way to be known as an authority.

Get reviews consistently.

There is no other way to say this. Reviews will have a huge impact on your business. Almost everyone does a search on facebook, google, yelp etc. to see what others said about your business. You should be getting several reviews a week, if you want to look successful in the Automotive Repair Industry.

Be responsive to social media queries.

Make sure they know someone is listening to their questions or concerns.

Talk to your prospective customer.

Most people know to get the basic demographic information of prospective customers. I am talking about more than their age, but what type of people they are. Where are they getting the vehicle serviced right now? Is it someone who is looking to restore old classic cars? Is it a fleet service? Is it the customer now using the dealer for service calls?

The answer to these questions will yield more about the customer than their age and gender. You can assign personality traits to these things. Once you have that, make sure your branding, content, campaigns, and shop matches those traits.

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